Traveling Coyote – poem

Theresa Barker - Lab Notes

Relaxing on MAX, Dennis Maxwell/Port of Portland.


They think I am a coyote
        But in my trickster nature
            I use this disguise
                 to watch them.
                     The Red Line MAX
They think I look so
             fitting right into the city
                 smiling when a young hipster passes me
                     shouldering his messenger bag
                          earbuds in the ear
                             tuned to the Creative Pep Talk podcast.
         right down to my furry paws
                 you’d recognize me anywhere
                              New Mexico.
People say
there’s no more wile
        in the wild but there’s
             always a coyote.


My writer-friend Liz Kellebrew sent me this photo of a coyote traveling on the Portland MAX light rail, taken back in 2002. They think this coyote came onto the train with a fare checker, and it…

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